21 September 2010

Kinda Sorta

Sweetgrass Basket Fountain, Market at Oakland, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I saw a little picture of this sweetgrass basket fountain in the Post & Courier recently and wondered where the heck it was. Now I can't find the original photo on the newspaper web site but I did find the real thing!

I was at our new Mt. Pleasant Hospital this morning interviewing potential volunteers and kept my eye out for a place for a late lunch on my way home. I turned into the Market at Oakland shopping area that has the Kohl's store and Walmart and had the most scrumptious lunch at Gringo's Fresh Southwest. It is described as "kinda, sorta Mexicanish". Heh.

What a great find! Owner Reggie Kinney had an amazing display of fresh ingredients laid out to put my order together and kept offering tastes of everything so I could make up my mind. Great find! The restaurant is a bit tucked away so here are the directions.

On the way out I practically walked into the fountain in one of the mallish traffic circles. Very cool.


  1. You sure that's not an antenna for picking up communications from UFOs? Looks pretty suspicious to me....

  2. Wow that is cool. Nice post.

  3. Hey Joan, just left you a comment on FB, but wanted to say that if you every know that you're going to be out this way in advance, give me a head's up - if I'm here, I'd love to meet you at Gringo's for lunch!

    (Also, if you're ever one the run, there's a little place by the Sweetgrass True Value Hardware - right on the side of the building - that has good BLTs and other sandwiches. It's a cute place.)


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