20 September 2010

Cemetery Strolling - Magnolia

Magnolia Cemetery, Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.

I get asked in emails on occasion to track down a certain tomb. People come across my cemetery albums but are looking for something in particular that they don't find.

I never mind going to Magnolia Cemetery. In this case I started in St. Lawrence on Sunday morning before I crossed back to Magnolia next door but didn't find what my reader was hoping for. Yet. No worries. I'll go back.


  1. I just gotta ask: did whoever the pyramid was put up for get buried upright?

    I've always dug cemeteries (so to speak), and this one is unusually pretty and interesting! Another great catch, Joan!

  2. Are you walking the cemetery looking for the requested graves, or are are getting the section info from the office? I do volunteer work for http://www.raogk.org/ and get requests for the larger cemeteries in Charleston (including Magnolia) I love doing this! I have one for Bethany right now that the office can't find... looks like I'll be walking the 50 acres looking for it very soon!

  3. I need to get to Bethany to look for some kin.

  4. Scrib - hahah....I'll have to look into that :0

    Pamela - Thanks for the info. I may direct the searcher to you. He was looking for a tomb at St. Lawrence. He is going to try to contact the office to narrow down the location. Thanks!

    Janetlee - I love Bethany.

  5. Feel free to send him my way!


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