07 September 2010

Canadian Weekend

Perry Family, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

I've been here and I've been there! I flew up to Toronto after work on Thursday and packed a lot into three days. My family doesn't live very close together but they gathered around and I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. I checked a few important things off my Canadian list....watched my family drink Tim Horton's coffee, ate a butter tart for breakfast every morning and grabbed a quick lunch at Swiss Chalet in the airport before I caught my plane! Thanks to everyone for their hospitality and showing me such a good time.

The top photo is of my immediate siblings with my Dad. My youngest brother Jim didn't make it but I've got photos and video on the way to him.

I made my brother stop for a photo op in front of Jacob Beam Elementary School where I went to kindergarten in case I ever write my memoirs. He said he wasn't going to write his so I get to make up anything I like.

My sister-in-law Elaine took me out on Friday and we explored cute little Niagara-on-the-Lake......

....and went winery hopping! There are wineries everywhere. They have all popped up in recent years. We found one with a lovely restaurant for lunch.

My brother Roger and his wife Cathy now live in my grandparent's old home in Beamsville and hosted us all for my Dad's 84th birthday and my nephew Caleb's birthday.

My sister Shirley is the musical one in the family. She came from Edmonton with her friend Alex and entertained us with a folk concert that evening. They have been invited to go to India to perform at a folk festival so tested out their songs on us.

I stayed with my brother Bob who is a Veterinarian in Dunnville and his wife Elaine in their cottage on Lake Erie. It was beautiful, green trees and cool crisp air. Elaine pulled off a surprise 50th birthday party for him and we stayed out late around the large campfire and were entertained again by our musicians.

We went for a drive along the coast of Lake Erie to Port Dover and had Lake Erie Perch for lunch. I had to laugh to see the palm trees stuck in the sand for the summer. They pull them out in the fall. Fun! More photos here. I hope everyone else had a good weekend. Back to reality in the morning. Ouch.