09 August 2010

Sew me a bouquet

The Dressing Room, King St., Charleston, S.C.

Sew me a bouquet of flowers.....

I learned to sew on a foot pedal sewing machine like this. I loved the sound it made, my foot so in tune with the length of the stitch by rocking the pedal back and forth.

We were graded on sewing projects in school. Saturdays were half school days and usually included sewing class. I spent months doing drawn thread work on a fringed and embroidered tablecloth that was never used.

I sat in the back of the class with my friend Rani, tatting lace and knitting.

Our handiwork would be confiscated by irritated nuns and we'd start over again. Double shuttles, variegated cotton thread. It seems a lifetime ago when making handmade lace in geography class was considered "bad".