05 May 2010

I'd hammer in the mornin'.....

This is Woman Build Week at Charleston Habitat for Humanity and it was suggested that area volunteer coordinators might join together and do it as a service project.

Me on a roof? Sheeesh. I don't think so.

Not too many volunteer coordinators showed up but there were familiar faces at the work site West Ashley this morning. People who make things work tend to know people who makes things work. Three ladies from the Roper Cancer Center were strapping on their tool belts as well as my friend Daphne Wright and co-worker Lynne Collier.

Getting to know some of the other women I was amazed to discover some of them regularly dropped off children at school and climb on roofs to build and repair. Not how you usually think of "stay at home moms". There are some very cool folks in this town.

I am still stunned that I was scrambling around on a roof tearing off shingles and hammering nails. This will have to go with my deep sea fishing picture - both shots are slightly out of my norm.

I tore a hole in my britches sitting on a nail but happily had black undies on so I made my gang stop at JPaulz for my reward margarita and mahi mahi fish tacos. I suspect we were the sweatiest, stinkiest costumers they'd ever but they took good care of us.

Woman Build lasts all week so you can still sign up and donations are always welcome. Thanks to Laurel Prichard, Director of Volunteers for rallying the troops and encouraging us to get out of our comfort zone!