02 May 2010

Dining with Friends - 2010

Dining with Friends, Maritime Center, Charleston, S.C.

I staff the Dining with Friends Champagne table each year and recruit friends to help out. Thank you, thank you, thank you....especially to the muscle in the background opening bottles non stop for two hours!

Thanks to my team Richard & Erin Larson, Sonja Brenner, Becca Walton, Mary & Kevin Holmes, Michelle Hard we poured bottle after bottle and only drank enough to made sure each bottle was quality champagne. Thanks to our table captain Neil and to George Hill who always throws a top notch shindig! We always have a blast.

Y'all remember that I do this each year and holler if you want to help. It's a fun, high energy, high sugar event benefiting Lowcountry AIDS Services. Paul Cheney served as event photographer so look for your photos on his site at Let's Talk Charleston.

Dining with Friends: For this massive fundraising effort, hundreds of people will join forces to host dinner parties in their homes, churches or workplace to raise money and of course have a good time dining with friends. At the end of the evening, all dinner parties unite for a Champagne and dessert finale at the Charleston Maritime Center beginning at 9pm. Guests will enjoy delicious treats from various bakeries and restaurants and music provided by jazz and blues singer Ann Caldwell.