25 April 2010

Sidewalk Curator's Field Trip

SCAD Sidewalk Competition, Forsyth Park, Savannah, G.A.

On occasion your Sidewalk Curator takes a field trip and what could be more important than the annual Sidewalk Arts festival in Savannah? I was much too busy yesterday when the festival took place and it rained over night. So, there. I actually like a few of them better after the rain and the fallen leaf makes the rabbit look like an odd snowman with a carrot nose.

See the winners on the web site. It was raining pretty hard and I didn't have an umbrella. How come we don't have a sidewalk contest?
The Sidewalk Arts Festival: The Savannah College of Art and Design's annual Sidewalk Arts Festival draws thousands of visitors each year to view temporary chalk masterpieces created on the sidewalks of historic Forsyth Park, Savannah, Ga. Participants represent SCAD's many areas of study; different artistic styles are inspired by different cultures, interests and disciplines.


  1. Cute artwork! Glad you didn't get rain. :)

  2. Lovely art work! I especially like the works that are 3-D and look like you could just step down in to them.

  3. I love to see these short lived works of art. We had our event a couple weeks ago and there were some beautiful works. All gone now though.

  4. I spent a summer living in Savannah a few of years ago and discovered this great festival through some friends at SCAD. Seeing these made me remember (sadly) that I missed it again this year! Hope you enjoyed it.

  5. That's some great chalkwork. Are you interested in photos from Charleston, New York up north?

  6. Beautiful shots. Looks like a fun festival.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  7. I love that kind of stuff!
    Great pictures. :)

    *Sigh* Savannah.... I want to go their so badly. :(
    Someday.. someday. :)


  8. Charleston Traffic Lawyer - Forgive me. I missed your comment somehow. Yes, please. I'd love some Charleston NY photos.


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