24 April 2010

Busy Weekends

Charleston, S.C.

Photo from my walk last night is unrelated to entry. As usual.

Up and at 'em kids. There is too much going on this weekend so you'd best start early.

This the end of Volunteer Week and I am hosting lunch for 140 of my closest friends. Sadly I depend on y'all to remind me not to cut my own bangs on the day of a party. And you didn't. Ooops.

I am on the run. Have a great weekend. Meanwhile here is a fun blog to explore: Accidental Mysteries. If you back track far enough you will find an entry on his Charleston visit.


  1. This looks like a fixer-upper.

  2. And you posted this picture instead of one of your bangs? How dare you. I am reporting you to the Department of Humor Deprivation.


  3. Steffe - A fixer upper indeed and sadly on a street that floods. Cute though.

    Marcheline - Ha! I get to be in charge of what pictures I post of myself.


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