28 April 2010

Respect the Ratio

Folly Beach, S.C.

My nephew Jesse is visiting for the week and we've been trying to make the most of his time in the lowcountry. He has just finished his first year in the Nursing program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

The day he arrived we walked on Folly Beach and I had him pose showing off his shirt. The shirt says "Men in Nursing" on the back and the front says, "Respect the Ratio: 10 to 1". Heheh. I guess men are still the minority in nursing school. He wasn't complaining.

Beach, egret rookery, observing in surgery, she crab soup, soft shell crab, Thai food, wandering downtown Charleston......what else does he need to squeeze in? I am dropping him off at Shem Creek to go fishing in the morning but let me know. It's been awhile since I was twenty.

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  1. Namrata6:49 AM

    I'm glad that your nephew is into nursing.Male folks better join in hordes to balance the ratio,which humankind (including womenfolk)presume is the domain of women only.I'm also of the opinion that male nurse should look after mostly male patients and vice-versa.You may ask, why so?I've heard of cases, where female nurses have been the object of unwanted attention by male patients and male colleagues.Their vulnerability is more at night.Have you read or heard of the pathetic case of Aruna Shanbaug,a nurse in KEM Hospital,Mumbai who was strangled and abused by a ward boy in 1973? He was jailed for a few years on the charge of attempted murder but not charged of rape.The strangling affected her nerves and she's been in a coma for decades.Her family is said to not being in touch with her anymore.She is being fed and kept alive in the KEM Hospital,Those who have been moved by her lifeless plight are pleading legally so that she can pass away to end her agony which began more than 30 years ago.It was unnerving to read her case.I hope these sort of incidents(this is an extreme case)
    will lessen when the number of male nurses increase and they become empathetic to their female colleagues.


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