27 April 2010

Betcha kucha

Charleston, S.C.

I liked the shape of the tree and had this on my little pocket camera card.

Pecha kucha, pecha kucha, pecha kucha. Gotta say it three times fast.

Pecha Kucha tickets are now on sale here. Just $5 each and you can only buy two. You are notified of the location shortly before the event. Don't say I never invite you to anything.

Speaking of inviting....the Lowcountry Aids Benefit, Dining with Friends is this Saturday evening. Participants host parties in their homes and then everyone gathers at the Maritime Center at nine pm for champagne and dessert.

For many years I have rallied friends and staffed the Champagne Table. I have a good crew but let me know if you want to help out. I can still use some champagne opening muscle power and I am sure they need volunteer help in general. It is a high energy and fun event. The info number is 843-747-2273.


  1. So excited for Dining with Friends. See you there!

  2. Uh... after visiting the Peach Coochie site, I still don't have any idea what it's about. That slide show thingie just made me scratch my head and think about getting some dusting done.

    What IS it?

  3. Very sculptural. It looks like a torso with the arms up.

  4. Marcheline - surely there is a better site to describe it. It is meant to gather the creative types in an area and is done in different cities. They have folks representing creative arts - architecture, art, photography, culinary etc. They have six people present each time, they each get the time to show a certain number of slides and talk about what they do. It is all timed and moves along quickly. The events are held in different places and the location is announced just beforehand.

  5. Ah - how cool! Thanks for the nudge!


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