18 April 2010

Ahoy there, Matey

The Buccaneer Restaurant Bar & Museum, Faber St., Charleston, S.C.

I've been here and I've been there today but right now I am happily snug in my favorite corner of my couch uploading pictures that show my path today.

These shots are from my first stop at the Buccaneer Restaurant & Museum on Faber St. I went down before the restaurant opened this morning and because I am the luckiest person in Charleston, when I asked if they would remove the glass in front of the large display case with the pirate artifacts - they did. They have an incredible collection rivaling any museum and I got to hold these old pieces in my hands.

When I went to the 21st Century Photographer's Club meeting this week, I suggested the Buccaneer as a photo field trip so my idea this morning was to do a trial run and see how it would work and I was very excited. I think there are all kinds of cool photo ops in the restaurant, from ship models, real weapons and pirate flags to a human skull. The manager welcomes the interest so I think we can work it out. Fun!

G'night kids. It's past my bedtime.