14 March 2010

Weekend Field Trip

Mawlai, Shillong, India

Okay, okay, I admit this one isn't from my Charleston album.

I have received emails lately from folks who have landed on my blog because of the Indian connection. It has been delightful to hear from you! I don't run into many Khasis in Charleston.

I did grow up in Meghalaya - the home of the clouds, and this is my elementary school photo. If you look closely you can spot a few pale faces scattered in the group and my mum on the left. I am on the top row center and am one of eight siblings. My dad was headmaster of the elementary school in Mawlai.

It was a terrific place to grow up and certainly one of the most beautiful parts of the world. We played wild late night games with packs of kids, washed our clothes in the rivers and our hair in the waterfalls. We took picnics to the old British polo grounds, Shillong Peak and rowed the boats on Wards Lake. I don't remember wearing shoes regularly until we hiked in to Shillong to high school.

My brother Jim lives there still and has written a traveler's guide to the north east available from chillibreeze. On Saturday 3/12, Jim successfully helped coordinate the Guinness book of world records Cheraw Bamboo Dance in Mizoram.

This is the link to my sister Shirley singing a Khasi favorite: Sier Lapalang.

To any Khasi who comes by I say "Khublei!" and want to show you that there is a greeting for you inscribed in the streets of Charleston. Of course I have no idea who did it. ;)