29 March 2010

Neighborhood Pizza Joint

D'Allesandro's Pizza, 22p St. Philips St., Charleston, S.C.

D'allesandro's Pizza
My neighborhood Pizza restaurant. Delivered to my couch. Pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives. Yummers. Thanks guys!


  1. Miranda6:20 AM

    OH my goodness.... my daughter in law and I love love lovvvvvve pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives... our favorite toppings ever!

  2. I just discoverd your blog and enjoy it...Charleston is one of my Bucket list cities to visit; the last several years family cares, illnesses, funerals have detoured us from there, but maybe this year we will make it.

  3. I'm a "bacon, onion, green pepper" girl.
    Thanks. Now I want Pizza! :P


  4. Miranda - That is what I always get :). I can live without the pepperoni but I do love my mushrooms.

    Pat - You will get here. Everyone does sooner or later.

    sunshine - me too. MMmm...hate coming home hungry.

  5. Family-owned corner pizza shops are the best!

    Make mine with anchovies, black olives, and mushrooms...

  6. That's a classic. I'll bet the pizza is very good, too!


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