29 March 2010

Give me your blood thirsty children....

SCRUBS Camp, Charleston, S.C.

Do you have or know a kid who watches all the medical tv shows, dreams about working in a hospital, whose little heart would go pitter patter if they got to scrub in an operating room and play with a laparoscopy machine? If you know that kid, I want them for one week this summer.

June 21st is the fourth annual award winning summer SCRUBS Camp for 13, 14 and 15 year olds. Call 402-CARE for the application packet in the morning. They will need to write a short essay on their interest in health careers and get a teacher's recommendation. This is not just a cheap summer camp, this is specifically for kids interested in health care and our hospital staff competes to give them an incredible experience.

They will earn their CPR certificate, First Aid certificate, do rotations in the neonatal unit, Emergency Dept, Operating Room, Imaging and Rehab Therapy. They will do scavenger hunts and take a bus to Trident Tech to play with the simulator mannequin.

Don't waste time! Last year we had 66 applications for 44 spots. The camp will be held at both Roper and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. I will be with the gang at St. Francis day to day and Cathy Hallman will host the Roper crew.

It is safe for boys. Current groups are quite well mixed.

Edit: I have more than enough applications. Thanks folks!


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    It's a wonderful service you are doing. Wish they had something like SCRUBS available when I was young and aimless. You're my hero.


  2. I know of a kid that did this a couple of years back. His Mom still raves about his experience. I've worked in the OR for 29 yrs, and think this is an awesome idea. Good work you're doing!

  3. I am no hero. I am a mess. Still glad you like me though ;)

  4. Ma' I got an email notification of your comment but don't see it here. Glad your friend's kid enjoyed it! The OR tour is the highlight - of course. They put out a slab of pork and let them cut it with a hot bovie knife. It stinks up the room in a most impressive way. Heheh.


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