05 December 2009

A Rose is a Rose, is a Rose....

Hutson St., Charleston, S.C.
Palmetto Rose Legend: It is said that during the War Between the States Confederate Soldiers went off to war wearing Palmetto Roses woven by their sweethearts in South Carolina.

Tourists can't go far in Charleston's historic district without being approached by young boys offering to sell them a palmetto rose. It became a problem with home owners concerned about boys with knives trespassing on private property to climb palmetto trees to cut the fronds needed to make the roses.

Now-a-days the kids take an after-school entrepreneurship class, learn basic business skills, get a license and run their own business. This summer the Palmetto Artisan Program program won an award at the US Conference of Mayor's city livability awards.

There is so much going on today, it feels like the first weekend packed with holiday related activities but it's drippy, chilly weekend and much more tempting to snuggle up inside.