02 December 2009

Moving Picture Show - Kenya Style!

Plateau Girl's School, Eldoret, Kenya

Earlier this year, my health system raised the money for a water purification system from Water Missions International for a little hospital in Eldoret, Kenya. I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Kenya to document the commissioning of the system. It was a trip I will never forget.

About a mile from the hospital we stopped to tour the Plateau Girl's Boarding School. The girls were hard at work learning Chemistry and tough Geometry. I asked the Head Mistress what she needed and she said she would love to have a lending library for her students.

When I came back I boxed up a couple boxes of books and shipped them over. It was crazy though - books weigh a ton and take forever to ship. I talked to my CEO and he agreed to let my volunteers sponsor the purchase of a TV/DVD player that would be compatible with our DVDs. The idea was that I could then find educational documentaries as well as some fun movies that the students would enjoy.

We did it! I opened my email to find these pictures this morning. If I know them they had a whole ceremony to open their gifts. This is above and beyond anything they would have dreamed of and may be the first tv many of them will have seen. Too fun.

Now I have to figure out the DVD part. It isn't easy to think of what kinds of shows are suitable for a remote village in Kenya. I am thinking of the Planet Earth series but I'd like some fun entertainment as well, maybe Sound of Music, March of the Penguins. Little House on the Prairie? Classics. Any suggestions would be welcome. In fact, if you have used DVDs that might suit, I'll take them too!