18 October 2009

You've Got Chain Mail!

Philadelphia Alley, Charleston, S.C.

I decided that I should be Joan of Arc for Halloween. Yes? Makes sense. I stopped at the Footlight Players Costume Sale in Philadelphia Alley on Saturday morning on the off chance that they would have any bits and pieces of costume that might work. They didn't.

Googling around I discovered that the easiest way to make chain mail is to knit it on giant needles with gray yarn. Some people even knit it in a rust color and then spray paint it silver so it looks like rusty silver. Lord. I haven't done much knitting lately and got rid of all that stuff.

I bought the biggest needles I could find and I've been laughing at my pathetic attempts. It doesn't look anything like chain mail. Maybe I can skip the armor and just wear the hood.

Have no fear! The realarmorofgod.com site has a chain mail coif on deep, deep discount. Who knew of the great wide world of armor available online? Not me.

Do we really have to go back to work tomorrow? It seems unreasonable.