19 October 2009

Monday Hodge Podge

Queen St., Charleston, S.C.

It's been chilly in Charleston and we are cranky and whiny about it. It isn't right to go directly from non stop air-conditioning to turning on heaters. We feel owed a month or two of beautiful days with doors and windows flung open and no humidity to make up for the long hot summer. It's only fair. Whine. Pout. I had to dig deep to find socks yesterday and they felt like foreign things on my feet.

Dinner with a gaggle of women friends this evening at the Taste of Thai on Orleans Rd. They had an empty side room they gave us so we could safely talk about everyone we knew. Yes. You.

I continued my campaign to eat green curry in every Thai Restaurant in South Carolina and this was good! They went light on the chicken and loaded me up with eggplant. I made everyone taste my scrumptious coconut sauce. Yummers.

Drat. Inserting the link I find a 10% off coupon. Must go back.

The location for Pecha Kucha Night has been announced to be at the Music Farm on Wednesday. Check their web site for the presenters. They haven't posted that the $5 tickets are sold out yet so you can still go. I wouldn't complain if I wasn't the very oldest person there.

Did everyone else know that Leonard Cohen was going to be in Asheville on November 1st but me? Gasp. So close and he didn't call to let me know.

Finally an Edward Monkton qoute I snitched from Ample Sanity who always finds the best goodies:
"Let us be lovely and let us be kind. Let us be silly and free. It won't make us famous, it won't make us rich, but damnit how happy we'll be." Edward Monkton.

G'night kids. Don't stay up too late.