25 August 2009

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better....

Post Office, Adams Run, S.C.

Okay, it's not exactly a Charleston daily photo, but close enough. This is the wee little post office in Adams Run, S.C. I must have caught it right after a fresh coat of paint.

Remember looking forward to the mailman? With email and your comments it's like getting mail every time I check online. I love getting comments and can't thank you all enough. I've been too busy lately to return them like I should but I will! I will.

My grandmother had a Scottish accent and enjoyed her daily trip to the roadside mailbox see if the "Postie" had come. Now all I get are ads that I never open, credit card offers, privacy notifications and regular increases in insurance premiums. They are threatening again to cut out weekend mail delivery and for the first time I can hardly care.

Have you noticed that even the blue mail boxes are disappearing? I often take an envelope to slip in the mail when I go on a walk and end up bringing it right back home again.

Tea time kids! I had another long day with fund raising sales beginning at 7 a.m. Periodically I let vendors in to sell to employees and I get a percentage that the volunteers can use to do lovely things for the hospital. I sold over $17,000 worth of scrub suits, shoes and uniforms in one eight hour day. It boggles the mind. We are going to have some well dressed nurses.