12 July 2009

More Tiny Charleston

Meeting St., Charleston, SC

I've left a dripping trail of sweat all over Charleston for anyone who wants to follow my walking route. While I was walking I thought this shot might make a better tilt-shift Charleston view. It looks like a wee model fire station.

In other news, I was happy to have Byron flag me down and ask for $3.18. I knew he'd been missing and he admitted to spending sixty days in jail. His story was that he'd been picked up sleeping on a bench after being told not to be on King above Calhoun St. Then as he woke confused out of a deep sleep, they assumed he was intoxicated. He was released this morning and walked all the way down from Leeds Ave.

I suspect the police report might be a little more complicated than that, do ya think? Still, nice to see the rascal.