14 July 2009

A Tasteful Pursuit - Charleston

A Tasteful Pursuit - Charleston, McCrady's Restaurant, Charleston, SC

If I walk to a five course dinner and waddle home afterward, does it cancel out all the calories? I am depending on it.

I was invited to take pictures at the "Tasteful Pursuit - Charleston" benefit dinner at McCrady's Restaurant tonight and I am glad I agreed. I've got the pictures uploading here for those of you looking for them tonight but meanwhile I am falling to sleep on my keyboard and will have to sort and edit later. It was wonderful. One of my favorite meals ever. Chef Sean Brock was joined by Tyler Brown, Ken Verdinski, Mike Lata and Winburn Carmack and they dazzled us.

I have to include this last shot because I was "blog spotted" which still always startles me. Susan White (left) is a regular reader who recognized me from the blog. Hi Susan! It was great to meet you. :)