15 July 2009

Dr. Sock Monkey reporting for rounds....

Dr. Sock Monkey, Roper Hospital, Charleston, S.C.

I am still playing around with the theme "Don't Monkey Around With Heart Disease" for my American Heart Walk team so here is Dr. Sock Monkey reporting for rounds. Ha! I cracked myself up with this one. I made the monkey and Dr. Geer donated a shirt for the cause.

I carried Dr. Sock down to Roper Hospital one quiet Sunday morning to figure out a photo op and naturally got caught by a visitor as I pulled a monkey out of my backpack. His mother was in the hospital for a cardiac procedure so it all made sense to him and he had a quick consult with the physician.

Dr. Sock Monkey has his own Heart Walk donation site. Somehow it is easier for him to ask for money than me. He has already raised $150 (thanks Mike, thanks Darla!). Consider making a donation! Help Dr. Sock Monkey stop heart disease in the lowcountry.

I am having a little kick off on Friday and asked the cafeteria to order peanuts for me. Hmmm...maybe little bananas?


  1. How big IS the monkey? That's a person inside? You must have been a hoot arriving with a knitted sock monkey. And kids must go crazy for him (her?)

  2. You cracked me up too! Thanks.

  3. I loved Dr. Sock Monkey, well done!

  4. Halcyon - People love Dr. Sock! I think he will win Best Doctor this year...heheh.

    Frank - He isn't really big. It's the perspective of the shot. I had him propped on the fence. Tricky, eh?!

    Jarart - Heheh :)

    Shadow - thank you! Once again our Marketing folks aren't quite sure what to do about me.


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