22 July 2009

Green Churchyard with a Light and Pleasant Awning

from The Excursion: "The Pastor"

...to a spot
Where sun and shade were intermixed; for there
A broad Oak, stretching forth its leafy arms
From an adjoining pasture, overhung
Small space of that green churchyard with a light
And pleasant awning. On the moss-grown wall
My ancient friend and I together took
Our seats...

William Wordsworth

Taken this morning between meetings, right before it started to rain and I slipped on the gravel, fell face forward with one arm raised, thinking, "Save the camera, save the camera!"


  1. LOL about thinking of the camera first! That would have been my reaction too! Oh, I really like the way you paired this beautiful photo with these words. They seem to be made for each other. The perspective of your photo is beautiful and makes me long to get to sit under those massive oaks again and very soon.

  2. Thanks Nikki. This is the Meditation Garden at the hospital I work at. Truly a healing place.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry you fell. Glad you saved the camera. This shot is so beautiful. I love that big tree! At least you had a nice view for your "trip" - sorry, couldn't resist.

  4. Gosh, I hope you are okay! Beautifuly photo!

  5. This post was completely worth a face-dive. I mean, since it wasn't my face, you know?

    Seriously beautiful, though.

    The post. Not my face.

  6. It is a beatiful scene. I shot a boy fishing, a monochrome b/w, a few days ago and fell getting off the seawall. I threw the camera to catch myself. How strange our reactions. I was more concerned with the camera too. Thankfully it survived but more importantly, for all of US, you're OK. What would we do? What would we do without you and CDP?

  7. It's beautiful...but don't fall down again! ;)

  8. I totally empathize with the 'save the camera'. big investment. btw, that a HUGE tree. glad you're ok

  9. Thank goodness for a protective lens. My sweetie seems to be working okay. I did this a couple of years ago and smashed it to smithereens.


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