17 July 2009

Friday Night Hodge Podge

Charleston, S.C.

Fridays. Gotta love 'em.

Amuse is closing. I am not happy. I've often enjoyed being their only customer but I don't expect they were quite as thrilled about it. Sadness. They are open until the end of the month so catch them if you can.

Wow. Looks like the drought is over! Mustang Rolling almost got it's wheels wet.

Tea drinkers unite! I brought Uniquely Tea a couple of bags of loose tea in Kenya and she wrote a beautiful entry about it. Thank you!

I monkeyed around at work today. Heh.

Jest for fun: Designs shaved into heads.

Tomorrow is the Scott Kelly Worldwide Photo walk and it is booked full. I won't be able to make it but since it is my regular walking route I met with Eugene and showed him some of my favorite photo ops along the way. I am very sorry that I will miss it. Have a great time!