29 July 2009

Calling all bicyclists...

Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

SullySullivan Photography has a call out to anyone who has a bike:
If you are a charleston resident this message is for you guys. I need your help this wednesday, if you own a unique, cool, hip, beat up, expensive, stolen, inexpensive bike I need you to stop by my studio at 253 A St Phillip street. I could really use everyone’s help on this. Tell all of your friends, come in a group or individually. Your image could possibly be used for a magazine story i’m doing about biking in charleston. If you are interested shoot me an email and let me know approximate times. I will be there all day and night. TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!! Yes I will give you the images so you can have them for looking pleasure! It will be a great time! Or you may call me with any questions 843 452 8764 or email sully@davidsullivanphotography.com . Anyone is welcome. Thank you!!!!! Sully

Now you know as much as I do. Damn curious. Almost worth getting a bike to find out what he is up to. Please go. Let me know.


  1. Do I have time to bike from Tampa? Now I'm curious. Sounds like a lot of fun wahtever it's about. (I'm packing my sandwich now. Oh, air in the tires? That'd help!)

  2. seriously i would send you one (we dutch eat bikes for breakfast) if it would help

  3. Frank - Come on! Pack that sandwich!

    Ineke - I know do. Bikes were everywhere when I was in the Netherlands. I took lots of pictures of them.

  4. Joan! I like your bike photo a lot, especially with that cool door in the background. I am interested in what they guy is going to do with all the bikes.

  5. I like the picture too. They are going to repair the door :(. I think the bike pictures were for a magazine of some sort. I hope I find out. Thanks for your comments. I love them!

  6. Is it odd that I think this looks like chop sticks???


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