09 June 2009

Paging Dr. Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey MD, Charleston, SC

Who remembers Sock Monkeys? They are traditionally made out of a pair of red heeled work socks. The last time I made one was for my daughter some 27 years ago. Ouch.

It doesn't take much googling around to discover that sock monkeys are back in a big way. Check out the wedding monkeys on Kitty's Bloggy Bits, the Maribel Made flickr set (wow!) and Sock Monkey Fun. Check out this one!

It got me thinking, and you know how dangerous that is. What do you think of Sock Monkeys as a fundraising project for the American Heart Walk?

I like "Don't Monkey Around With Heart Disease" as a theme. I picture monkeys being made dressed and sold as a fun tropical silent auction evening. I made a quick sample up following Kitty's advice and a friend made a pattern for a scrub suit to start us off. We actually took a real scrub suit off a doctor's back (thanks Dr. Geer!) but started by learning the pattern in white before we cut it up. Heheh.

What do you all think? Would it work? Are there enough creative people around to come up with theme dressed monkeys? We could raise more money by packaging them. If a spa monkey was dressed in a robe and had hair wrapped in a turban she could come with a spa certificate etc. A Chef Monkey could come with a restaurant dinner certificate.

Thinking out loud here. Throw out any suggestions. Ya gotta admit it is different! I'll monkey around with more links later. I gotta run.


  1. Sock monkeys and other homemade stuffed animals are really popular in the blogging world these days. I think it's a great idea!

    Here's one pattern that seems quite cute.

  2. And with all the cute socks out there you could have them already patterned in tropical trees etc! Really a fun idea. Now, if I only sewed ;-).

  3. Don't forget the French surrender monkeys, and the beloved of the far right, the Obama monkey ("We just thought it was cute," the seller said.)But I digress.

    I had one as a kid. He was called Zippy.

    What about one in scuba gear- a sea monkey? Is there such a thing?

    Monkeys with large bones in hand- the 2001 Space Odyssey monkeys.

    Monkeys in paramilitariy uniforms- the whole Planet of the Apes ouevre.

    A sock monkey in a Ronald Reagan mask: Bonzo!

    A monkey in a loincloth: Tarzan's Cheetah (who is living in a retirement pen in Southern California)

    Monkeys dripping in blood: The Sign of the Four and/or Murders in the Rue Morgue.

    A sock monkey clinging to a small doll and a large spire: King Kong Sock Monkey.

    A sock monkey inside a tv set: J. Fred Muggs!

    A monkey with a bunch of annoying 20something friends: Marcel from Friends.

    Sock monkeys playing instruments and smoking cigars: the Nairobi Trio!

    Monkeys with wings an epaulets: The Wizard of Oz sock monkey collection!

    Sock monkeys with a sense of rhythm- Louis Prima King Louis in The Jungle Book ("Oh I'm the king of the primates, man, the jungle VIP...)

    I need to lie down.

  4. OMIGOD! Waldo, you are talking my language! You may need to come to Charleston for this event. Keep September open.

    Julia - Yes, I am looking at all sock differently now!

  5. I think it's a great idea! You could also try a "celebrity" auction by asking local artists or other "known" people (TV reporters, Mayor, etc.) to design their own monkeys and then auction them as collectibles.

  6. Halcyon - That is exactly what I hope would happen. I am just not sure how many people sew these days so don't know if the celebrity would recruit their own sewer or I'd have to find one.

  7. I think it's a GREAT idea for a theme. Yours turned out so cute! The possibilities are endless. I bet the crafty community would show up big. Keep us posted!


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