09 June 2009

My Five Minutes of Fame

WCIV, Lowcountry Live, Charleston, SC

Sooooooo..........yesterday afternoon I was told I needed to plan to be on tv this morning. Gulp. I've been doing more in front of a camera than behind lately.

Ryan Nelson and Dave Williams invited us on Lowcountry Live to promote "Planting the Seeds of Hope", a benefit hosted by McCrady's Restaurant on June 14th, to raise funds for the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center.

Wynde Limehouse and I shared our five minutes of fame and our hosts made it easy. I had no idea what I said but I did record it and discovered that I talk really, really fast when I am nervous! When we were done I told Ryan that I had to take a photo because her Dad was my Facebook Friend.

Don't you love how I always tell you about these events after they have already happened? I'm no dummy.