25 June 2009

Inside Nothing is Everything

When I walked to the City Gallery at Waterfront Park to check on the coffee stirrer sculpture I happened upon the magical world of wee flower petals, insect parts and bone created into images by Ben Timpson. It seems impossible to find what is going on at the Gallery through any of the city web sites but here is the scoop from organicprocess.com

Ben Timpson's Inside Nothing is Everything:

From an upcoming biography on Ben and his art process:

"When classically trained painter Ben Timpson turned his artist's eye from large canvases to tiny bits of the natural world, his work entered a mysterious realm of fanciful, dark beauty. Flowers, insects, blood and bone – the eccentric materials Timpson collects find their way into miniature compositions he assembles into slides in painstaking marathons at his light table. These haunting and whimsical photographs, published for the first time in "End of the Roll: Goodnight 35mm," capture a style that trades traditional notions of painting and collage for an evocative visual alchemy. The result is a gallery of alarmingly original images, and the publishing debut of a remarkable young artist."

Here is his gallery web site. Don't say I never give you anything.

G'night kids. The week is almost finished and it frightens me to think of everything I need to squeeze into eight short hours tomorrow.


  1. Hi there Joan! HOpe all is going well for you this summer.

  2. Weird stuff, Joan. Have a swell Friday.

  3. How do the bits of 35mm film get used? I thought that stuff was extinct and forbidden.

  4. wildstorm - I am. Too busy but all well.

    Doug: Thank you. You too!

    Frank - I am not sure. Maybe some are on film. Some of the pieces were so miniature there was a lens to view them through.

  5. Can definitely relate to the transition from traditional painting to organic and esoteric materials - thanks for drawing my attention to this guy.


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