27 June 2009

Charleston Gum Tree Update

East Bay & Market St., Charleston, SC

Late to bed, early to rise. That isn't the way it is supposed to work.

I have an update photo on the progress of the chewing gum encrusted utility poles at East Bay and Market St. The city seems to have given up. One time we had a gentleman steam the gum so it would melt off easily but the sticky tradition quickly started all over again. Makes me smile.

Up and at 'em kids. There is a lot going on today and I have to start by checking the rat trap I put out last night after hearing the pitter patter of little feet. Cringe. Send someone in my hall closet if you don't hear from me in twenty four hours. Yuck.


  1. Back in Hooterville-from-Hell we had a rat that tap-danced above the bedroom ceiling every night. It also ate holes in folded laundry that we left on the dryer overnight. We called it Goliath. One morning we found Goliath dead on the kitchen floor. I think the rat poison I put in the laundry room had something to with that. Turned out that Goliath was a good name for it.

  2. Mike - It grosses me out. Yech. At least yours died where you could dispose of it rather than behind the wall. I have an unfinished closet. I can see where it has been tearing up the insulation. Disgusting. It at the peanut butter out of the middle of the glue pad and walked away.

  3. I think the gum tree is cool, and no, removing it won't stop people from doing it. What good does it do to remove or paint over graffiti?

  4. Joan, in San Luis Obispo, Ca there is an alleyway that looks just like this pole. Gum wall to wall all around...a quirky but sticky tradition!


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