22 December 2019

Charleston at Christmas

Charleston at Christmas, Queen St., Charleston, SC
It has been a busy stretch and I have a back log of pictures. It is often easier to quickly post a few to facebook and the blog gets neglected. 

I have been busy, I broke my toe which took a full six week (allowed by medical text books) to heal. My daughter visited for Thanksgiving. I've celebrated hospital volunteers in four different hospitals. Lots going on. We anticipate twenty four hours of rain and storms on the east coast so a little enforced laziness is welcome! 

These shots are from a recent walk down Queen St. to see the holiday decor. 


Rick said...

I've just been lazing around. I did take time to make some cookies today. Not bad for an old guy.

RobEades said...

Right there with you, broke both bones in ankle and big toe last summer, the six weeks the docs talk about is a joke.Get out there and move!, as soon as you can!

Catalyst said...

Merry Christmas, Joan.