24 November 2019

Chinese Lantern Festival - Charleston

Chinese Lantern Festival, Charleston, SC 
We were foiled on our first attempt to get to the Chinese Lantern festival by rain showers but we ended up having a perfect night for it this evening. Everything was perfect. We had a bite to eat at my house and headed that way. I'd had a sneak preview watching some of the workman creating the designs so it was a treat to see them lit and on display.


Catalyst said...

Those are gorgeous!

William Kendall said...

Very colourful!

Marcheline said...

This is one of the few light displays that I would actually pay money to see - it looks like a painting come to life! I am always confused by those displays where people just put up string lights around cardboard cutouts and then charge people to drive by and look at it. The depth of color and the fantasy story book quality of this display is amazing!