08 June 2019

St. Julien Peaches

St. Julien Plantation Farm Stand, Eutawville, SC
I wait for this farm stand to come to life every year and it never disappoints! Eutawville peaches are famous for their deliciousness and the silver queen corn and fresh tomatoes are a treat.

I spent all Friday at a meeting on the site of our new hospital in Berkeley county and decided to just stay on the road and head for the lake for the night. This was a happy basket of fresh garden treats to bring home. I think I have a little cream in the refrigerator for one of those peaches!


William Kendall said...

There is a small portion of Ontario where peaches can be grown, but even then, it'll still be weeks away.

Marcheline said...

One of my best friends in all the world has the surname "St. Julien", and this made me think of her. She's a peach. Thanks for the nudge!