09 May 2019


Calhoun St., Charleston, SC 
I parked and walked to a meeting at Gaillard Auditorium this morning and spotted this reflection of Mother Emmanuel Church on Calhoun St. and grabbed a quick cell phone shot. This afternoon I walked passed a group trying to get a good shot of the church and I said, "turn around, here is your best shot," and they squealed with delight and thanked me. 


William Kendall said...

A lovely church!

Catalyst said...

Joanie I read yesterday a somewhat sad article about the Charleston restaurant scene and Sean Brock pulling out. Soon it will be like San Francisco and New York, I fear. Too expensive for ordinary folk to live there.

RobEades said...

Yeah, I read that too.Somewhere between unsettling and disturbing.I have always feared that Charleston could become something similar to Williamsburg VA, a fake Disneyland kind of place, all about keeping the tourists moving along.

My daughter and son in law met in Charleston and left in 2014.They would like to come back, but even with good incomes it almost looks undoable.

Charlestonjoan said...

Yes, it is already too expensive. There is no real affordable housing and businesses are having a hard time finding help that can afford to live close by. It's sad when the children of long life Charlestonians can't afford to live in the neighborhood they grew up in.