06 April 2019

Cooper River Bridge Run - Wheelchair Racers

King St., Charleston, SC 
I am not a sports photographer but have such respect for these athletes that I leap out of bed and head to town early to find my spot for pictures. They move so quickly and keep their heads down. I find the intersection where they turn off King St. so I have a chance to get them looking up to turn the corner. They are quite impressive athletes. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen!

In other news, I haven't gone missing in action and will be back to regular postings shortly. I moved! Packed up everything including the bear and mermaid and moved last Friday. I am gradually getting boxes unpacked and settling into my new little nest which isn't far at all from my old house. My computer is perched on top of an old end table until I buy a new desk but things are coming along nicely.


William Kendall said...

Excellent action shots! I've seen racers on these once on Parliament Hill.

Marcheline said...

Happy Moving to you, Joan! Goodness! Upped stakes and moved nearby? That's intriguing! I hope you have a smooth transition, find all your boxed stuff again, and enjoy your new digs. What made you pick this place? Does it have a garden? Is it closer to your favorite coffee shop? Do tell!