24 November 2018

Denmark Vesey, Hampton Park, Charleston, SC 
I always detour through Hampton Park to spend a few minutes with Denmark Vesey. How I wish this statue could come to life and talk to me. I suspect I'd still be there listening. More details on his story on this PBS site:
In 1771, fourteen-year-old Denmark Vesey was transported from St. Thomas to Cape Francais by slave trader Captain Joseph Vesey. Upon a return trip to Cape Francais, Captain Vesey was forced to reclaim Denmark, who his master said was suffering from epileptic fits. Denmark accompanied Captain Vesey on his trading voyages until the Captain retired to Charleston, never again showing signs of epilepsy.
In 1799, Vesey won the lottery and bought his freedom for $600. He could not purchase the freedom of his wife and children, however, and some claimed that this fact motivated his crusade to destroy the institution of slavery.
I worked yesterday since I had taken a few days off earlier in the week for my daughter's visit. Now I am completely confused. Happy weekend, kids!

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