10 October 2018

Heartbeats of the Holy City

Solveig Bracy, The Principle Gallery, Charleston, SC 
I had a fun evening last Friday when artist Kyle Stuckey invited all the people he had painted portraits of to the gallery opening of Portraits of Charleston: The Heartbeat of the Holy City." There were so many familiar faces but I was there for my volunteer Solveig Bracy who was one of the featured portraits. We had a little pre-party at my house and then went down to enjoy the festivities. Thanks Kyle!
Oil painter Kyle Stuckey, alongside Principle Gallery, is working on a project to bring the community together using the art of portraiture. This show will represent 50 portraits of people that live in Charleston and call it their home, and it has two main goals: to showcase those who make a positive impact on Charleston in all their unique ways and to encourage an art culture that brings us all together.
Stuckey explains: “I want to create a show highlighting the beautiful diversity that makes a vibrant community and showcasing the people that work to make this city the best it can be. I also believe that art in all forms is one of the most important aspects of life. Like most people, I grew up thinking that only two types of people did art: the wealthy who could spend lots of money or the strange starving artist who created the art. But now I realize everyone should (and can!) have art in their lives - whether as a buyer, an appreciator, a model, or an artist.”
The 50 chosen participants will come from all different kinds of backgrounds, careers, and walks of life. They may be artists, chefs, doctors, public servants, educators, community leaders, factory workers, news anchors, business owners, or fishermen. They may be young, old, rich, or poor. Each person is a unique and important puzzle piece that collectively creates our great community, and through art we can reflect that beautifully.
Kyle Stuckey will paint a 14x11 portrait of every participant in his artistic style - designed to capture the essence of each individual. A short write-up of what each Charlestonian does and who they are as a person will accompany each painting. 
Since this show is all about community, 25% of all work sold will be given the to the local charity, Teachers' Supply Closet.

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