12 August 2018

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - St. Paul's Lutheran

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC  
I haven't posted a Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance for a while but spotted this pretty scene as I was walking in the old village of Mt. Pleasant yesterday morning.

This is St. Paul's Lutheran Church, established in 1884. Visit their website here. This message is borrowed from the Pastor's newsletter message:
We can get into rhythm with God. We can do this by going somewhere and being alone. Lie on the grass; listen to the God’s creation, the earth. This is difficult to do in traffic, with all the congestion. Nature has a definite tempo. It is more about being plenty of time, plenty of time. Sped up people are always tired. Get alone and listen. Can’t find a place; go to church. Listen to the word of God. Sing hymns. This will help you get in the right tempo. 

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