26 July 2018

The Recovery Room

The Recovery Room, King St., Charleston, SC 
The Recovery Room is a popular bar on upper King St. Maybe this is why we changed the name of our hospital version to PACU: Post Anesthesia Recovery Unit. Cheers kids!

This Charleston bar can proudly claim be the number one seller of PBR in the world: 

Charleston City Paper: The Recovery Room is now the No. 1 seller of PBR in the world. At least that was the word from the dive bar's Facebook page last week. Now we're not calling Chris "Boston" DiMattia a fabricator, but we wanted to vet this lofty claim before reporting the news. So we tracked down Jay Toxey, Rec Room's former Pabst Blue Ribbon contact (now the Pabst rep for Georgia). Toxey couldn't share any internal data, but here's what he did have to say:
"It's true. For 12-oz. cans, The Recovery Room is the biggest on-premise retailer of PBR in the world," says Toxey. "No one sells more of that size can."

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