09 July 2018

Jenkins Orphanage building - Franklin St.

Jenkins Orphanage building, Franklin St., Charleston, SC
Jenkins OrphanageThe Rev. Daniel J. Jenkins established the Jenkins Orphanage in 1891 for African-American children following an encounter with four youngsters living on the streets of Charleston. The original site of this orphanage was at 20 Franklin St. in the Old Marine Hospital. This National Historic Landmark, designed by Robert Mills, served as home of the orphanage from 1895 to 1939. Then it moved to a farm outside Charleston. To raise funds for the orphanage, the Jenkins Orphanage Band was organized. The Jenkins Orphanage Band, wearing discarded Citadel uniforms, performed throughout the United States and even toured England raising money for the support of the orphanage. William “Cat” Anderson, Jabbo Smith and Freddie Green are but a few of the alumni from the band who made it to the big time. 
Click here to hear the Jenkins Orphanage Band in a 1928 news reel!

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