14 May 2018

Beep, beep!

Charleston, SC   
It is so darn cute. There must be a story behind it. The house could use a little love but by the look of the permits in the window I am sure that is going to happen soon.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. My mother passed away on Mother's Day and in her honor my sisters and I get out one of her old china tea set cups and toast her with her tradition cuppa hot tea. Cheers to mom! My son joined me for the Indian buffet at Nirlep restaurant where we cleverly thought we might miss the usual Mother's day crowd. We were correct.

Meanwhile Charleston/Mt. Pleasant has a traffic fiasco this evening with the Wando bridge and 526 West bound being shut down. It may be a good evening to stay snug and tight. Be safe out there.

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