14 April 2018

Washington Park

Washington Park, Charleston, SC   

I haven't been posting much but I have been on the run! It is tempting to grab a quick shot and post directly to facebook which sadly bypasses the blog. I took this picture of Washington Park at the end of azalea season. 

Washington Park: In the center of Washington Square Park, visitors will find a memorial that pays tribute to the Washington Light Infantry - an imposing 42' foot tall granite structure, and an 1891 addition, which is in fact a miniature version of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Even George Washington himself can be found at the park as a statue designed by acclaimed sculptor Jon Michel, which stands in the former site of an original William Pitt the Elder statue that was destroyed - or rather decapitated -by a falling tree branch in 1938.

Enjoy your weekend, kids! I hosted lunch for 160 hospital volunteers today, stopped by the reception for the I Love West Ashley photo contest and had a lovely dinner with friends. I may just completely crash tomorrow. 

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