30 April 2018

Let's all move here

St. George, SC   
Everyone wants to live in a friendly place! Clearly that is St. George, SC. They have it painted right on a wall in their park so it must be true. 

Although you've missed it for this year, St. George is the home of the Grits Festival and the crowning of Miss Grit and an opportunity to roll around in a giant tub of grits. 
History of the World Grits Festival
In 1985 The Manager of the St. George, South Carolina Piggly Wiggly Supermarket,  Bill Hunter was giving a broker of a large grits company an order.  The broker made a remark that his company sure shipped a lot of grits into St. George, considering how small the town was and its meager population(around 2000 at the time).  A week or two later another broker from another major grits company made a similar remark about his company shipping such a large amount of grits into this small town.  The Manager spoke to the two Owners of the Piggly Wiggly, John Walters and George Axson.  They all agreed that if it proved to be true, that we did consume a disproportionately large amount of grits, that they would do some research to find out just how much we did eat.
As it turned out, the people of St. George actually ate more grits per capita than any other place in the world!  We were the GRITS EATING CHAMPIONS!!!  Thus the World Grits Festival was born.  

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