06 March 2018

Just chillin'

Booze Pops, Charleston, SC   
Well. I'm not sure this was an official part of the Wine & Food Festival but it's one way to get your alcohol.
From US News: His big sellers are watermelon, lemonade and strawberry daiquiris and he has non-alcoholic treats for children."We're trying to make it super-nice," Norris said. "Mom can get her Martini pop and little Jimmy can get a SpongeBob."By selling the treats as food, Norris can go anywhere. Recently, he parked his van in Folly Beach near a wedding party. Norris has kept his van mostly around Charleston, but wants to branch out to Columbia and Myrtle Beach.If the rules change and the Booze Pops van is regulated like an alcohol seller, Norris could only work special events and not wherever he thought he could make money."I'm sure I would have to get some different licensing," he said. "I could still do a lot of the things I do now. I would just have to do it differently."

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