19 February 2018

Dramatic blue!

The Quarters on King, King St., Charleston, SC   
Oh, I like this renovation! You may have guessed that I like blue. This is so pretty. Checking the link for The Quarters on King lets you see inside. Book a room! Invite me to check it out!

I deliberately bought a new dishwasher from Best Buy knowing that they were willing to do deliveries on weekends. I found the one I wanted, bought it, paid for it and was all ready to select my delivery date when the cashier said they don't do weekends anymore. Aaaargh. So today I had the dreaded 12 - 4 window to bring work home to do while I wait for my delivery. Doncha think that someone would care how difficult it is for most of us to leave work? Meanwhile - they were prompt and efficient and I have a pretty new dishwasher. Lets get some dishes dirty!

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