14 January 2018

Rooftop view - Central Station

Central Station, Meeting St., Charleston, SC 
I am late to the game keeping up with all of Charleston's new restaurants but was recently invited to a birthday brunch for my dear friend Andre in the rooftop restaurant of the Grand Bohemian Hotel. Most pictures I have seen from the hotel have been of people lounging in the outdoor terrace but it was too cold for that the day I was there. I did go out to see the view and reached my cell phone over to grab this shot of the fire stations on Wentworth and Meeting St. Researching more information I came across a wonderful directory of historic Charleston fire stations with the background information below: 
Wonderful directory of historic Charleston fire stations: 
Central Station: 262 Meeting Street
Built 1887-88
On August 31, 1886, the city of Charleston was struck by an earthquake. 2,000 buildings were damaged, and between 60 and 100 people were killed. Many fire stations were also damaged, the city built a trio of larger and more strategically located fire stations. The three buildings were each designed by Daniel G. Wayne and built by Colin M. Grant.
The largest of the three was a double "double house" that opened at the corner of Meeting and Wentworth Streets in 1888. Considered the most important station in the city, because of its central location and straight passage from each end of the city, the new station housed four steam engine companies when it opened. 
In 1900, a drill tower was built beside the station. The 70-foot structure was replaced in 1916, and closed in 1935.
Since  1976, Central Station has housed the Fire Chief's Office. It presently houses two engine companies, a Battalion Chief, an Assistant Chief, and several pieces of antique fire apparatus.
The outdoor pavilion, built on the site of an 1846 Artesian well, includes monuments to fallen Charleston firefighters, and the bell from the Cannon Street station watch tower. Mike Legeros photo.

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