04 November 2017

Care for some water with your jail sentence?

Walterboro Water Tower, Walterboro, SC   
It is a dramatic water tower. I remembered a story about the base being used as a jail and according to this information that is correct. Multipurpose!
Atlas Obscura:  Constructed of reinforced concrete and standing 133 feet tall, the Walterboro Water Tower is one of only three standpipe systems in the state of South Carolina.There is a small door at the base of the tower that leads to a space that was once used as a county jail. Long since out of penal service, there are six small cells, and just a couple of windows. Some say that these cells later served as sleeping quarters for stranded travelers who needed a place to stay for a night. Not exactly five-star accommodations – or really any-star accommodations. Unless you count the star on the sheriff’s jacket that may have locked you up back in the day.  

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