04 October 2017

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island Chapel, Pawleys Island, SC   
I had taken a similar picture of this sweet chapel on Pawley's Island a few years ago and seem to remember having to try to position myself not to get hanging electrical wires in the shot. This time the view was clear. On backtracking I discovered that that was indeed true - the wires are gone but I learned something else, they are going to completely move the chapel off it's foundation for structural repairs. Someone has a big project on their hands!
South Strand News: Pawleys Chapel, an iconic structure that sits on an island that’s home to the oldest resort town in America, will be on the move this winter.The Chapel will be lifted up and rolled across the street – likely in January – so that repairs and upgrades can be made to the foundation.Once the work is completed over the following months, the Chapel will be put back in place in its same location.“The Pawleys Island House of Worship” owns the Chapel building.Board member Jimmy McCants told South Strand News the board received construction authorization for the work in late June.Since the Pawleys Chapel serves tourists as a place for Sunday worship, McCants said the group will hold off on the work for several more months.“The last Sunday service was the end of August,” McCants said, but the Chapel is booked for a number of weddings through December.

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