02 September 2017

Swamp Fox Murals - Summerton, SC

Swamp Fox Mural, Summerton, SC    
After Friday night lazing at on the banks of Lake Marion, Summerton was an easy day trip. Summerton is one of the towns on the Swamp Fox mural trail and we spotted quite a few of them in town each telling a part of the American Revolution fought in South Carolina with our hero Francis Marion the Swamp Fox. Please do click on the link for more information and listen to the Swamp Fox song while you do!

Swamp Fox Murals Trail Society in Clarendon County, SCThe Swamp Fox, General Francis 
Marion and his engagements with the British in 1780-81 in St. Mark's Parish,  now Clarendon County,  depicting history on Historic murals in Manning, Paxville, Summerton & Turbeville.  
Every mural tells a story of the events of the American Revolution in South Carolina. 

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