21 September 2017

Colorful wheels

Bikes, Vendue Range, Charleston, SC   
I expect these are rental bikes available for use for the hotel guests. The Charleston County Library has a wonderful history of Vendue Range on the Charleston Time Machine. I enjoyed this bit:
This ground at the east end of Queen Street was originally a tidal mudflat, however, and had been filled with trash and hundreds of cords of wood in a series of efforts between the early 1770s and 1809.  So was the first effort to pave Vendue Range around the year 1820 successful?  Such details are hard to find, so we’ll have to take the word of a correspondent who called himself simply “a Sailor” when he wrote the following brief communication to the Charleston Courier on 9 October 1829: 
“If any man wants a pair of broken shins, I would advise him to walk down the North side of Vendue Range, on a dark night—and if he don’t get a pair, I will agree to break them for him for nothing.”

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