02 August 2017

On the road - Vancouver, Canada

Girl in a Wet Suit, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada
I've been here, I've been there, I've been everywhere. I flew to the west coast of Canada to help celebrate my sister Shirley's birthday. I had one full day to run around Vancouver with my daughter before taking the ferry to Salt Spring Island and we made the most of our time! We explored the waterfront, Gas Town, Stanley Park, Granville Market and Kitsilano. We saw the Digital Orca and visited a good friend who runs a wine making shop in Kitsilano. I was tickled to see the Girl in a Wet Suit modeled after the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen - this version with a wet suit to avoid copyright laws.
Vancouver, British ColumbiaAs part of a Vancouver urban renewal project, artist Elek Imredy asked the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, if he could make a copy of its famous Little Mermaid statue and place it just off the rocky shore of Stanley Park. Copenhagen said no. Inspired, Elek decided to give Vancouver a unique, updated version of the statue, and created the life-size Girl in a Wet Suit. She was placed atop her boulder in Vancouver Harbor on June 9, 1973.

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